It is an economic analysis, but the problem is that there's also an ego factor at many airlines. That's when a CEO says something like we need to have a presence in the Denver-to-London market even if it loses money because everyone else has it. I can't tell you how many times I've seen that. It's one of the biggest mistakes an airline can make.

The possibility of a strike exists. There is no question about it. The possibility is distant, but it exists.

Quietly, Continental has become this incredibly organized, well-run globe-spanning carrier that's got a real brand.

They have to rattle the sabers really loudly.

It certainly is damaging to the industry as a whole. What it means is that there's this floating customer base. Every airline has to work harder to attract and retain customers.

Boarding is one of the things that drives passengers crazy. I think consumers intuitively will see the benefit to this, because people don't like climbing over other people.