That's one of the biggest things, especially on little puppies and kittens. They can even cause anemia. Sometimes, dogs or cats can develop an allergy to the flea saliva.

Fleas actually like warm weather. I don't know that in the summer we'll see a reduction.

In some cases, the ideal thing with organic gardening is to have more than one garden - one plot where you're adding compost and letting it rot and another where you're actually planting something. When you add too much compost into the garden and plant the same year, it might be difficult for the plants to grow the first year, as the compost decomposes.

Don't buy trees with fruit on them. Pick the fruit off as it appears. Don't let it produce the first two or three years and when it gets to be three or four years old, it'll produce heavily.

You can start planting tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers. A couple of crops may be more cold-sensitive. Even though the danger of frost is over, you may want to delay planting some things, like eggplant.