You have a confluence of forces coming together in technology and the media to make it happen and it's worldwide and it's multiplying like lice.

It's desperation as well as innovation. And it's never going to stop.

People have this sense that they're not just watching the death of a city, they're watching the death of a whole culture, and that's far more engaging than just the aftermath of a hurricane, Escape From New York.

Visual imagery involves a much more primitive part of our brain, a monitoring system to sense danger. The trouble with this story is that it's not in a resolution stage yet, things are just getting worse. Usually, when we're anxious, we seek information to reduce anxiety, but in this case, we're just increasing it.

If people say they can't stand Ray and still watch her, then something else is going on. It's a sort of bonding experience. Online forums have made it easier for people to become sisters and brothers in hate. The irony is that, by writing and talking about her, her critics become her advertisers.

I know celebrities that are star struck by other celebrities -- even major politicians are more likely to sit up and take notice of an issue when a celebrity is doing the talking. So this is clearly something that really is in our DNA.

The young don't want to see the gray beards having sex, mind you. But competition is a whole other conversation.