What they want is a substantial degree of comfort, ... We're working on trying to provide a necessary degree of comfort.

From now on, the sale, purchase, exchange and display of art from this period will be addressed with greater sensitivity and a higher international standard of responsibility.

It appears that in practice, the value-added taxes applied to electronically delivered books and newspapers may be higher than those applied to sales of the same physical books and newspapers.

America's response to the early stages of the slaughter of European Jews was largely one of indifference.

I don't engage in double talk.

We have in our negotiations today achieved a breakthrough which we hope will lead to meaningful reform in these discriminatory practices.

This legislation would deprive the U.S. of a source of leverage, such as was used to gain the release of our citizens held hostage in Iran.

In many cases well past the point where, from the Allied perspective at the time, there was a genuine threat of German attack.

The cumulative trade of the World War II European neutral countries helped to sustain the Nazi war effort by supplying key materials to Germany essential to their conduct of the war.