We look forward to working closely with CA as well as IBM and the other leaders in this area as we develop a trusted vehicle and database for administering and encouraging donations to the burgeoning patent commons in which we all have a stake.

Companies need to maintain continuous access to vital information, and security is always a primary concern, especially on wireless networks. The technology partnership between Padcom(R) and RSA Security provides a valuable and secure connectivity solution to end users and we are pleased to continue the momentum of the RSA Secured Partner Program with the addition of Padcom(R).

With his knowledge of the Linux and open source marketplace, Dave can help OSDL deliver on its mission of bringing together industry, developers and customers to advance Linux.

Virtually every Web server in the world runs on Linux, ... Now people are looking at, how do I get the same financial savings in other areas of my business?

We're delighted to see CA, one of the world's top software producers, take a leadership position on the critical issue of software patents to encourage the growth of the patent commons on behalf of the users and developers of open-source software.

In addition to hands-on technology and product marketing expertise, Dave brings important relationships across the technology industry.

Linux is legally sound, provides bottom-line business value and technical superiority.