The mayor has a great working relationship with both senators, ... They're a great team in Washington, and he looks forward to continuing to work with them.

Freddy funds his plan through a nearly $1 billion property tax hike. Coupled with his stock-transfer tax to fix the schools, it seems there is no problem that higher taxes can't solve.

Nobody asked where the photo came from, because no one thought of this as anything more than a picture of Brooklyn and Queens.

We didn't instruct our volunteers; we would never encourage our volunteers to mislead a member of the press. We didn't know what they were saying.

We did not tell them to do so.

The mayor has reached out to every community, every ethnic group and every New Yorker.

We don't have any further comment.

This mailing is done, and we want different mail pieces to look different.

[As for the authorship of] Ask Mike, ... It's something he oversees and approves.