Stromile Swift
FameRank: 5

"Stromile Swift" is an American retired professional basketball player. At 6'10" and 220 lbs, he played the Power forward (basketball)/power forward and Center (basketball)/center positions.

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They had been doing that the whole game, doubling up on Tracy. A lot of times it's open. But when Tracy gets it going, and he's shooting the ball, he's on fire. But it's always open when guys are double-teaming him like that, so when he's going like that, we try and go get the rebound.

T-Mac did a little bit of recruiting. That was pretty big for him to do that. That's the whole thing — to feel wanted in a situation.

I feel good. I still worked out every day. My legs still work. (Bright light) still kind of hurts, but I can get through it.

I just want to be able to make things happen whenever he (Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy) calls on me. He left me in there in crucial situations, and I was able to make some plays and do some things to help the team win.

I think I could have done better, but it's hard coming back off of an injury.

You know when he has the ball, there is always a possibility. You can't get down on yourself or the team. You have to stay in there and anything can happen. He proved that last year.

He's been known to hit big shots his whole career. We just tried to switch all the pick-and-rolls they set. I ended up on Jalen, and I was able to make the play, stop him from getting the shot off.

It was an easy decision for me. To be apart of this organization, I'm excited. I'm really happy and my family's happy.

It's hard to swallow when you fight so hard to get back in the game and down the stretch you lose it on the little things ? loose balls, key rebounds and free throws. It's always hard to lose games like that.