If we make [identity management] too hard, users will choose less security every time. We have to get to a place where we've created one network and all of this just works.

Hacking is moving finally from a hobby to a job. The money is moving online and so are the bad guys.

The secure and reliable operation of the .com registry and the DNS are too important to the international and Internet community to be placed at risk by delaying the approval of the proposed .com registry agreement or yielding to the threats of a few who may be willing to place their interests ahead of those of the larger Internet community.

With Network Solutions now neatly in the fold, we believe we exited Q3 as the leading infrastructure services company on the Internet by a wide margin.

It's always a risk between the criminals and the good guys. So the better they become at hacking it, the better we'll become at making it stronger.

With the dramatic growth in online storefronts and [business-to-business] exchanges, customers are looking to deploy trusted, reliable and frictionless payment solutions.