Stockard Channing
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"Stockard Channing" is a three-time Emmy Award/Emmy and one-time Tony Award winning American stage, film and television actress.

She is known for her portrayal of First Lady of the United States/First Lady Abbey Bartlet in the NBC television series The West Wing; for playing Grease (musical)#Cast and characters/Betty Rizzo in the film Grease (film)/Grease; and for her role as Ouisa Kittredge in the play Six Degrees of Separation (play)/Six Degrees of Separation and its later Six Degrees of Separation (film)/film version, for which she was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress.

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You work in the ER, dear. People die there. You really want that hair to be the last thing they see?

We are five people who enjoy each other's company and we are all grown ups, ... That is the curious thing about us. There is not like, 'Here are the little kids, the teenagers and the adults.' I am not saying we are all one generation but, basically, we are five adults in New York and we are all single.

It has to come from the heart. But it was nice when she accused me of being too much like her.

I sort of said to myself, 'You know, this is clearly what is the next hand I am playing in my career,' .