"Steven James Stuart Anderson" is a Scotland/Scottish Association football/footballer currently playing for St. Johnstone F.C./St. Johnstone. Anderson can play anywhere across the back line of defence although usually plays in central Defender (association football)/defence.

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If you own a restaurant or any small business, it's vitally important to be involved politically at the grassroots level, ... We literally storm the Hill (Capitol Hill) during our public-affairs conference in September. The legislators know when the restaurant owners are in town.

The fact they are blaming restaurants for creating obesity in this society is absurd, ... You're not going to end obesity in Americans by filing lawsuits against the restaurant industry.

I told the linemen, 'I need one little crease. Just give me a crease and I'll score. They're not going to deny us of those touchdowns,' ... We thrive off of that.

We just wanted to come out and show the first half was a fluke, ... We came out and played smash-mouth football and that's our style.

It was hard sitting out last year, really hard. But I looked to the future. I don't dwell. I can't change the past. I've got my senior year and I'm going to make the best of it. We're going to win a state championship.

There are some meetings taking place.

Larry King has been in the paper for a very long time. But we want the news to be trendier, newsier and to have greater impact than it has now.

The lack of electricity has a heavy destabilizing effect on the hostages and it can be a real security problem.

I was most interested in my son having a phone for safety reasons, ... We thought about a camera phone. But he was very reasonable. We didn't see the need for it.