As a practical matter, it has proven difficult to either reform or abolish the CIA, ... The logical alternative may be to simply create an entirely new agency.

I thought, Wow!, ... Here's a historical revelation that will cause the history books to be rewritten. No one's ever heard of a U.S. nuclear test in the Sudan in 1962.

It's a bit of a compromise, ... There is a cultural resistance to the polygraph that is different at the FBI than at the CIA. A polygraph is something that is given to new employees and suspected criminals, not to employees in good standing.

So somehow the notion that the U.S. had conducted a nuke test in Sudan had gotten into the news food chain and had triggered alarms on the part of the Sudanese government.

It is ironic, ... We sued the C.I.A. four times for this kind of information and lost. You can't get it through legal channels.

An implicit repudiation of the CIA, which was established to be the central focus and the integrator of the nation's intelligence production.

It is important to acknowledge that CIA hasn't totally neglected the issue [of records management].

One wants to be sure that terrorism is not used as a pretext for withholding information that the public needs to assess government policy and performance, ... It looks to me like the government is overreaching in some cases.

There are a handful of very bright [13]-year-olds out there who can do remarkable things, and there are not-so-bright [13]-year-olds who have access to software designed by others to [detect] and explore security vulnerabilities.