[Cathedral City City Councilman Paul Marchand piggybacked off another's question regarding the price of gasoline. Marchand focused on Westly's intention to run for governor and asked for] a commitment to (putting California) on a leading edge (of clean technology) beyond just hybrid vehicles, ... absolutely and unequivocally yes.

We need to start acting like a country, ... It's up to us to lead the world.

You just need to make sure you don't go too far, ... Be careful, keep a cool head.

People are looking for someone to fix problems. He's out there attacking nurses, firefighters and teachers. That's not what people want to see.

There are smart ways to solve some of our problems so there's more money on the ground where the rubber meets the road.

Has lost the trust of the people of this state.

He has taken a hard right turn. The Governor is attacking nurses, firefighters and teachers. It is clear he is taking the state in the wrong direction. California can't afford four more years of his politics or his policies.

Governor Schwarzenegger has taken the state in the wrong direction. He has spent too much of his time attacking teachers, nurses and firefighters.