We are committed to providing an integrated solution for our customers in the sterilization industry. Our solution encompasses securing long-term strategic partnerships, complemented by a full breadth of advanced sterilization technology and services.

Today's oncology clinics need practical solutions to meet clinical challenges as the demand for treatment services increases world-wide. We are proud to be offering the European medical community and its patients our advanced cancer therapy system that delivers predictable outcomes with timely and effective treatment.

I'm going to continue working because it will keep my mind active and it will keep my body a little more active. To sit at home all day doesn't interest me.

If a BSE report can be a positive thing, it is a positive thing. It shows the protocol worked and continues to guarantee the safest food supply in the world.

It's much further-reaching than me just handing over green dollars at a gas pump.

The No. 1 rule is to keep yourself safe, ... Nothing is more precious than your life and the lives of your loved ones.

That was our goal. Anytime you're able to control ball possession the way we were able to today, it usually means you're doing something right offensively. That's the main reason we were able to get so many shots today.