We want to protect their education from being interrupted because of those moves.

When I heard Ang Lee, Larry McMurtry, Heath Ledger, that's all I needed to know. Whether it's everyone's cup of tea or not, this is art.

It's the longest-running shirt design in America -- Western or otherwise.

Our real effort is to increase the percentage, and so we're really successful when we start increasing that percentage from 20 to 25 percent.

A lot of it circles around poverty and not being able to afford housing.

Our students come to us from many backgrounds. We need a work force reflective of that.

Often they're with a relative. It's not like they're out on the street.

He is a pragmatist in the extreme. There is nobody better I can go to for (answers to) the hard questions. He brings integrity and consistent ethics that are sadly lacking elsewhere.

We have to educate people that Clovis has 10 Title I schools. It's not just a white district.