We got out of the hole tonight and started playing better. We executed down the stretch better. We had more energy, more intensity. So overall, it was a very good team performance.

You've got to give that kid credit. He wanted the basketball and hit two big shots.

He's playing well by letting the game come to him. He's not forcing things and because of that, he's playing real well right now.

I challenged our kids at halftime; I didn't think they were giving the effort we needed to give. They did a good job of making adjustments, responding to the challenge and executing in the second half.

I wanted to play off of him and stop the drive. That's just the bottom line. He made two big plays.

I told (the players that) the ball is not 180 degrees where we've got to get rid of it right away. It has air in it. It will bounce. Slow down.

Any win is a big win for us. This is the time of year when you want to start putting it together, and we want to keep the train rolling.

We talked about stopping penetration. It was a huge key for us because they penetrate and kick out a lot, and they're really quick off the dribble. So we wanted to stay back in gaps and help.

I haven't experienced that game yet, but Todd Sutton is a good friend of mine. I recruited a lot of his players when I used to be in the college game, so it will be fun. But I'm going to take it just like it's another game.