We were pretty close. We had a lot of games that we had a chance to win and couldn't get over the hump. But that's a good sign and in the next couple of years, we'll hopefully start being able to win some of those games.

We hit the ball better (the second game). We're struggling playing defense. In the first game we had mental errors. In the second game we had physical errors, but we cut down on the mental errors. With enough repetitions, the physical errors should go down.

Adding Nordic skiing to our roster of sports is just one more way we are increasing the opportunities for Northland College students, as well as attracting new students. We've found the students who come to Northland thrive on outdoor sports, like skiing. Our location is a prime for skiers and we are really pleased to offer this competitive opportunity.

Katie had a tremendous freshman season. She's a very good hitter and has a lot of potential.

Leah had a great year. She had some injuries early and we had to kind of watch her a little bit. But by the end of the year, she was on top of her game.

We didn't hit the ball well, there's no two ways about it. And that's something that we'll need to address as a team next season.

We had a good week. We're 7-7 now, and we got a chance to get a lot of games in with nice weather. I think this is the strongest up and down lineup we've ever had. Defensively we gave up a lot of unearned runs. We're trying people in new positions, and it was the first time outside. In the next two weeks we'll try to shore up the defense.

The biggest thing I noticed in Alicia was how well she played in the field. She's already a good hitter. But she really improved as an outfielder and for her to make the all-defensive team is really special.

It was kind of an unusual year. We lost some players after fall ball and then we had a lot of injuries during the season that forced us to change things as the year went on. But the most important thing for us was that we were still able to compete and give ourselves a chance to win. And I'm phenomenally proud about that.