You are always looking for something that has the wow factor.

We probably sold about 500 tickets overnight and this morning. We didn't get down under 1,000 like we wanted, but it was enough movement that hopefully the momentum will continue. We also heard from a number of our season ticket-holders that were disappointed because they weren't going to be able to get to the game and wanted to watch it on TV.

The reception has been unbelievable. People frankly are stunned at how fast the game is at that level. You can hardly keep up with the puck.

That certainly was not our original intent, to say, 'Let's play chicken,' when all along, we were going to yank the blackout. We were serious enough about selling enough tickets that we attached a number to it. We didn't reach that number, but we got enough movement, combined with continuing this conversation about business involvement, that we felt we'd accomplished enough to raise the blackout.

I probably got a half-dozen e-mails from fans and season ticket-holders like that. But once I explained to the season ticket-holders that really what we're trying to do is get companies on board, I think they understood.