He was not feeling well. Doctors suggested he take some time away from the office. He's feeling better and expects to be back soon.

Obviously, he gets to know a lot of people.

He's taking some time now because he wants to be in top shape for the campaign.

Of course we are. I don't understand where she comes up with this stuff. Lane has been Internet savvy for a long, long, time. ... We've worked to expand Internet access to schools, satellites, too, for educational television.

He (Evans) believes in an open process and so does Phil and so does John.

He just felt this was the time to do this.

He's doing well. He wasn't feeling well back a few weeks ago. Doctors advised him to take some time off. ... Obviously, Parkinson's is a condition that does affect him. He wasn't feeling well, he sought his doctor's advice on it, they advised him to take some time off.