My goal is to get Field Turf here sometime soon.

I always strived to outwork everybody as a player. I wasn't the most talented guy around.

The surface is natural [in texture], as natural as can be.

Recruiting-wise, it's going to help. I think it's going to help all the teams here at Maine.

Our practices have been the best practices I've ever had.

He hit his spots a little more [than the last game]. He relaxed a bit and threw strikes.

We've got an outstanding group of guys here, with great, workman-like attitudes.

I'm honored to be coaching one of the premier baseball programs in the country.

We played extremely well offensively [Sunday] against Seton Hall. That's two days in a row now that we've hit the ball really well. We've got some quality at-bats, have been moving guys over and driving guys in.