Steve Trachsel
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"Stephen Christopher Trachsel", nicknamed ""The Human Rain Delay"", is a former Major League Baseball pitcher. He was known for the long amount of time he took to deliver the ball to home plate in between pitches. Games in which he pitched were known to be considerably longer than most games, leading to his aforementioned nickname. Though he never officially retired, Trachsel has not played professionally since .

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I don't think I've ever pitched on nine days' rest before. I guess we'll see what happens after that.

I, honest to God, do not know a thing. I have zero understanding of the rules. All I know is that my rehab is over.

It feels good. I've felt really good for weeks.

It was a fastball down. No pitch is ever exactly where you want it, but that one wasn't belt high, right down the middle. It's not just Chipper. It's all those guys. You can never relax against them.

I tried to pick David up there, but I wasn't able to do it.

It's not just Chipper, it's all those guys. You can never relax against them.

We want to clean up the game. The players who are not doing (steroids) are going to be ecstatic.

A fastball down to Chipper and that was it. It wasn't belt high or anything like that.

It's not as strong as it obviously was with Kris and Jae. Jae was on the verge of really taking off. But it's still pretty solid.