If we have more demand for a specific movie than we have copies of that movie, we will give preference to our lower-volume customers.

We do give preference to the lower volume renter. It's simply a resource allocation. We don't have to do it too often. We prefer not to have to do it at all. The realities are of business that sometimes we have to make tough decisions.

It was derided by a number of people in the investment community.

Ultimately, video-on-demand will come and it will be popular with consumers. But we believe it's many years away.

The assumption is that you're comfortable with the Internet and e-mail already.

We filed the lawsuit at the appropriate time. From top to bottom Blockbuster has willfully and deliberately copied our patent methods ...

Online advertising is a whole new world, and there are some opportunists out there who take advantage of loosely based arrangements. It's a problem for the whole industry. We have very open ears and very open minds. If someone comes up with a solution we're not doing we will certainly consider it.

The assumption is that you don't have as much to view as other folks do.

From top to bottom, Blockbuster is deliberately and willfully infringing on our patented methods.