It's not that the broadcasters struck out. There was just so much reality that there were more flops than successes.

All the program development stuff they were showing us, it looked like they were trying to put on a number of shows [that mimicked 'Housewives'], ... But the pilots must not have been good. 'Desperate Housewives' is a lot harder type of show to duplicate.

ABC probably did as well or better than we expected. CBS and NBC were about what we expected would happen.

You can have all the buzz in the world, and all that is going to do is get viewers to episode one. Now a show is going to have to live and die on its own.

'Desperate Housewives' was a surprise hit, ... If it holds up, if it's successful this year, certainly I think next year you'll see something else come on that tries to take advantage of it.

The success of Desperate Housewives does not mean people are looking for another soap opera, ... Good characters that they look forward to seeing week after week.

[NBC is] not doing any worse than we expected them to be, ... We expected them to be down. The surprise is how well ABC is doing.

The networks need to get a handle on which shows are working [for the duration of the season] and which aren't.

Programming trends tend to run in cycles, as the networks program content that works until it becomes overly saturated.