Sam Snead said the best practice he could have was going into a fairway bunker, taking his shoes off and hitting 3-irons out of the sand for rhythm and balance.

In 120 days it will be almost groomed and ready to play golf.

We've got a big golf course here, but what we've got are 16, 17 and 18, that if you come out and play a friendly match or if we have a competition here, there can be a huge spread of scores.

It's more of a strategic golf course than a penal golf course. It's all about managing yourself.

This is absolutely true links golf and Nick is one of the finest links players who ever lived. I've played a lot of links courses and have a good knowledge of it but not the understanding of a guy like him. Using links land is different than anywhere else. His expertise is absolutely invaluable in a situation like this.

We've got a mix of holes. We've got greens that are stuck up in the air and greens that are flat on the ground. So we've got a real variety not only of looks, but how you can attack the holes.

Whenever you have exposure to a major road or interstate, those are always your best performing golf courses.