We only had nine guys entered and we got six through. Of course, it would have been nice to have gotten everybody through, but that's not bad odds.

Our goal is to wrestle tough and try to earn some respect.

The nice thing is that they'll have a bye next week (in the first round) so they'll get to see who they will wrestle. They'll get to a little scouting, which is always nice. Plus, it's one less match you have to wrestle.

The guys we have wrestled hard all year and have really given the extra effort and looked to go for pins because we've been down points.

Daniel and Cody (Crawford) have been big additions to our program (at 103 and 112 pounds) this year.

It was a tournament where if you won your first match, you moved forward. If you lost your first match, you moved back and the best you could finish was fifth.

He comes back and gets a pin, and that's (Matthews') first varsity match. I certainly didn't expect him to go out there and get a pin.

We only had 10 guys wrestling and six of them made it to the finals. That's pretty good.

It's been a great year. Dual meet-wise, we're 14-7, and really the only full lineup we've had was in the first meet of the year (against STC North).