We have heard from a great number of people who have thanked us for uncovering so much.

I believe the Grateful Dead would have inspired much less of an emotional loyalty in their fans without his lyrics. Robert Hunter really located a traditional sense of character and story line found in English literature and childhood ballads ... and placed it in the heart of the weirdest, most experimental music that mass audiences ever fell in love with.

Rexroth's anger toward the soul-destroying force of capitalism was a huge inspiration to Allen.

[According to Silberman, Ginsberg, who died in 1997, saw the trial as an important victory.] Allen felt it was a huge breakthrough for honesty, for candor, for accuracy, ... Whatever was true was poetry.

It didn't come from nowhere. What nurtured 'Howl' into being was the community of painters, musicians and poets who were very active before it was written.

Bob has poured his heart and soul into the newspaper and the community.

Is great news for the newspaper and the community.

She is one of the smartest people I know. Michelle loves this community and knows it well. Her knowledge and passion will make us stronger, ... Michelle cares deeply about readers. She wants the newspaper to be indispensable.