I think what's really special about going undefeated and winning the division is what they faced in the first season, when they didn't get their first win until the sixth game of that season.

They just all put it together in the second session. The boys had a tough first game and squeaked it out, and later on in the season we won some games against tough teams that shellacked us in the first session, and before we knew it, we were in the championship game against Bellingham and we ended up winning that one, 5-4.

It's all about having fun, but it's very competitive. Even with kids in the third grade, they want to win. And in the first session, we weren't even coming close.

I think the town council couldn't have reacted better.

They had sad faces after a lot of those losses, but never at one time did any of them say they didn't want to play. They wanted to show everybody what they could do.