We thought we could do it in a couple of years, but it finally happened and it's real exciting for the kids, for the community, for the school, for our program. Our whole motto this year is 'Nothing but greatness.' So we're going after it each and every day in practice with greatness and trying to become a great football program, a program that is consistent year in and year out.

The one thing that's got to be my job is [for us] not to get too high and overlook anybody. We can't get too happy over two ballgames. The last couple years we've been in a situation where we're 2-2 and feeling pretty good about ourselves.

We were spitting fire and arguing. We were battling. It was a lot of fun. . . . I wanted [the single-wing guys'] input to make sure we just weren't abandoning something, because you can lose your kids' faith in your program if you jump from one system to the next. So we wanted to be cautious and careful about it.