When I started I was very immature, ... I thought the world revolved around me.

Just play every play. Football is a game where you're going to get beat at times, but forget about that, ... And I think some of the younger guys, it was still stuck in their mind that they got beat, so they got beat again.

I think it gives me more of a leadership role on the team, because some of the guys know I have a son and they see how I act.

Everybody made plays today and it just so happened ours came at the right time. We just stayed positive and did our jobs.

You can make a living going across the middle [of the field], that's what I always say, ... Because you have some guys who are scared to go across the middle.

Some people don't see that I have different struggles on and off the field, ... It made me want to become a better man than I was.

Will talk to them and work with them and next week it will be fixed. Coach B. is not going to accept anything else.

I try and build my body up so that I can take hits like that.