It looks like the South Coast had a very strong opening. The local casino market is certainly robust and I think South Coast's results had a ripple effect throughout the local casino market.

The whole market went to Pinnacle.

For the slot machine manufacturers, Pennsylvania is a no-brainer.

Was this out of the blue? Absolutely.

Dan was part of the Mirage development team, so he has the experience, the back ground, the credibility and the vision to take this company further along.

For a company like Pinnacle, this is a huge transaction. It provides Pinnacle with a national footprint and expands their scope into the two most important gaming markets, Las Vegas and Atlantic City, which is critical and necessary for the long term.

With the high tax rates, this seems like the wisest choice. They are a strong company in their markets so that seems to be the right course to take.

You can look at the whole facility ? the movement of everything.

Certainly, the beginning of Chinese New Year helped the January 2006 numbers as it helped February's numbers last year. Every crevice of Las Vegas had strong numbers and this can only point to strong demand for product from Las Vegas locals to Hawaiians visiting downtown alike.