Land is getting harder and harder to find. We're going to have to do more infill projects and more urban development. But the demand [for housing] is always going to be there.

I was working out here during the recession that started in the late 1980s and lasted until about 1995, and it was terrible. But this market today is about as good as it gets.

Virtually all of Riverside County is a solid housing market at this point. The cities and the unincorporated communities are all doing well.

Finding land, particularly entitled land, is getting harder every year. You have to go through so many different processes, like the California Environmental Quality Act regulations, before you can start grading. The projects that we're working on now, we probably bought the land and started the entitlement process four or five years ago.

I don't think we're going to see those prices continue to increase like that. They'll still go up, but they won't go up as dramatically, and that might be better for the market.