No team has an identity yet. The first few weeks will be a feeling-out period.

We scored three power-play goals and did a good job killing penalties. Our defense did a great job. They allowed us to get the puck going the other way.

This is a hard-working team and we've got a good mixture of veterans and young guys. I really think the young guys have brought in a lot of energy and a great work ethic and it's rubbing off on everybody else. Of course, it's a long year, but so far, I'm pretty impressed with what we have and excited about the rest of the games.

There's no reason why he can't put up big numbers.

It was pretty exceptional to watch. Something like that will be tough to match, but he works hard and is pretty focused. The playoffs are different than an 82-game regular season schedule. We know he'll be there for us this year, because he's the biggest part of our team. But hopefully people don't expect the same thing, because that would be pretty unreasonable.

The goals we gave them were totally unacceptable. We need to make teams earn their goals. Our momentum went straight out the window.

No question the third period could've been a lot better.

He does change the outcome of any shift. Knowing he's out there really makes teams change their game.