The quality of print (has been) generally very poor. It's hard on the eyes, hard on the nerves.

We are very pleased with our first-quarter results. As important, our strong balance sheet puts us in an excellent position to build our e-commerce capability on every front.

While we regret the impact of this consolidation in human terms, we believe it is necessary in order to bring the expense base of the company down.

As with the rest of the sector, sales growth will not meet the numbers we originally expected, but it will still be healthy.

This investment is about giving authors with small voices the loudspeakers they need to get their works published and distributed throughout the world.

The economics of online retailing are very different from those of store retailing -- online customers complete their own transactions and therefore, not only expect to receive, but are entitled to receive direct-from-warehouse pricing.

The publishers are going to join this revolution, ... They're not going to be able to stop it.

Give the retailer a chance to capture a big share of the market quickly.

You're going to have all types of entrepreneurs enter into the marketplace because these two giants have fired the starting gun.