When Alex settles in and doesn't try to do too much he's a good floor leader for us. He settles in, doesn't get excited, doesn't get rattled and is 100 percent unselfish. He's the kind of kid you like having on your team.

We didn't play that well. Justin Duke hit some big shots for us late. We're going to have to buckle down and play hard to keep winning.

We had a hard time handling their big man inside. They got a lot of second chance baskets and that hurt us in the second half.

The issue of school overcrowding has been more acute lately. If we don't work out the problem . . . we're going to be forced to shut down all development that is not age-restricted, and that would be a mistake.

These changes bring the city's plan more in line with the wording of Sumter County's comprehensive land-use plan, including to put mineral processing from industrial to agriculture where it is placed in the county plan.

I thought we played really hard. Highland got after us defensively and pressured us. We made some mistakes with the ball and they were able to capitalize off of that.

We've got a sow's ear here.

Defensively, Earle played with a lot more intensity than they did when we played them earlier in the year. They were so quick, they took us out of everything we tried on both sides of the ball.