We have a pretty good handle on it, ... but the interpretation gets a little tricky.

We've basically been forced into the paper ballot situation, it's not something we want to do.

If he doesn't let the guy talk, it's going to make the media want to talk to him even more. That will only make them more suspicious.

We weren't nervous at all. We knew we just have to calm down and slow the game down.

Charlie Weis restored the pride and magic at Notre Dame in a single season. If ever there was a deserving candidate for this award it is Weis. He basically took the same players who were there the year before and won more games. That's coaching.

We just picked up our defensive play and that gave us momentum on offense.

I think the biggest difference in this game for us was our maturity. We been in tough games and tight spots before and we didn't let anything rattle us. We just played our game.

It's a lot different than the one for our county fair.

For most weeds, eradication is impractical.