We're happy without being delighted.

It will be a good year for her. She is a lot healthier and she is taking care of herself a lot better.

Offensively, I like the looks of our line even though we're young. We have pretty good size from tackle to tackle.

How his vehicle came to be where it was will be explained.

For our first meet - and throwing in the fact that we haven't been outside a great deal or had a lot of quality workouts - I thought things went very good. Some kids stepped up and did some very nice things for us.

A lot of guys come in here who think they're tough already.

He threw mostly fastballs and mixed in a little curve. We just didn't hit the ball very well. He throws pretty hard, hit some good spots and got us to chase pitches a little bit.

It was just one of those days for him. He will get there.

There is room for improvement for everybody and we have some kids that want to go after it. I am excited and I think it is going to be a fun season.