If there has been a focus, though, it's been trying to be involved and give to those charitable groups that affect our employees personally and probably our communities a little more. Cancer's been a big one because it affects just about every family, and we've had some employees pass away in the last few years from cancer. Heart disease is another big issue that affects most families.

That seems to be where they did a pretty good job of adapting the highway technology and producing a barrier that has potential to be better than we have currently.

Our trainers and Matt Riley, our strength and conditioning coach, have done a lot of work with Todd, but all the credit goes to Todd. It's not easy rehabbing from one surgery, but he's done it for two and really pushed himself to do it right.

Matt has really worked hard over the winter. He came back 8 pounds under what I asked. He's taking this season seriously from a personal standpoint.

We try to encourage them to go to a vocational school or take a college course … or they can elect to do charitable work and be involved in a service organization.

We encourage our people to be involved one way or another. People really start to have fun with it.

It's very, very difficult to put a dollar figure on what kind of return you may be getting.

We think it's the right thing to do. We believe in family. We believe in the communities. We believe in our people participating.

We're a small company with 130 people, and I think we probably had 40 people get involved in that.