(The plan) provides a road map for future development and the well-being of any town. It defines your vision for the future and outlines the steps necessary to achieve that vision.

Holy crap, what have I done?

We had an interesting pool of highly qualified candidates; interviewed four finalists; and are extremely pleased to recommend Liz to serve as the director, ... She knows the organization, has deep roots in the community, and displays great organizational skills. She has all the qualities we were looking for.

We're solution oriented. There's a lot of energy here.

It's a tight schedule. They would have to have the bridge open to traffic by next summer and there is always a punch list… They are allowed to close the bridge until Memorial Day. If they open it early they can earn a bonus.

There are some choices that we have in the United States that makes us what we are. But then sometimes our choices can be made for us, that is how the government works.

I'm very supportive of any initiative to preserve land in the town of Bethel. This is a good trial balloon for future open space acquisition.

(The plan) is a very public process.