From an outsider's perspective I can understand it seems odd to open a new facility while another one is closing. But Red Rock is designed for a state contract.

The dilemma is that there was no direct contract with ICE, because that was handled through the one Bureau contract. It's possible that ICE may now want to work directly with us, but because we don't have any assurance of that, we have given every employee a notice of termination.

The zoning ordinance is always a work in progress and is amended from time to time and will be amended in the future. After so many years of amendments you have a document that is inconsistent. At some places it contradicts itself.

There is an emergency operations plan [for the town]. We update it when we need to.

It was a pretty realistic, simulation. It was pretty scary, but we did well.

It may sound strange to people that we're finishing a new facility next to one that could be empty soon, but Red Rock was designed around commitments from other states.

Phase four, if we can get it open by the end of the year, is going to be great.

We should be underway with Runnymede Park improvements, including the nature center. Actually, that project is well underway within the design and planning phases.

Obviously, the people there are going through a variety of emotions right now. Quite frankly, through no fault of their own, they are losing their positions.