Here's an example: A series of car break-ins is occurring at trailhead parking lots in your area. A reporter writes a short article about the problem, identifying some of the locations of the vandalism. As a sidebar to the conventionally written story, trail users are invited to post their experiences of having their cars broken into, including submitting photos.

More of us will use these sites as entry points.

The interesting thing will be if the public sees through that - and thinks, I'll get a little more balanced view if I go over to my local news outlet and get the information there. Because the columnist that I read there is going to be a little more balanced than the guy who's paid by the team.

I don't think the old model will go away that fast. I think people are pretty stuck on the old models.

The tricky part is finding that special part that people will open their wallets for.

Where it makes me a little bit uncomfortable is taking the editorial content and turning one of those words into a commercial thing. I just feel like the actual editorial content within a news story should be sacred.