I guess it's up to the Australian selectors. They have the right to pick who they think are the best players.

We're an overnight success that's taken five years.

For the Dubai Sevens, they built a temporary 30,000-seat stadium and if you did that sort of thing I'm sure you would get plenty of corporate support.

I don't think (money) is the be all and end all.

In a week's time when the disappointment is gone - the experience is going to still be very enriching for us as a club.

That's what he requested but we haven't given a final response.

We have a few good cards to play and we haven't been called to play any of them, so we'll see what happens.

We were going to stay at the same hotel in Leeds that the Kangaroos used but we were told by some players that it was not ideal for a football team. So we've moved to another.

It's a new challenge to manage and I think everyone's looking forward to it because success brings more success.