It was just a matter of redefining some things. He just needed a little work around the bag.

He deserves that chance. The way he swings the bat, I think he can handle it. His bat speed is tremendous.

He was this hustling, run-through-the-wall type of kid. He had a bounce to him. You'd sit by the dugout, and he didn't stop talking.

It's a good possibility. We still want him to go through camp and make sure we're making the right decision. The progress he's made in game-calling and his ability behind the plate has been tremendous. The question was his bat, and he put up good numbers. His makeup allows him to make that jump. He's one of those players who can handle it.

He wants to be well-rounded, but he takes pride in what he does behind the plate. That's the type of guy you want.

The thing I like about Aaron is, he's never changed. He was a gamer back then, and he's still a gamer now.

We were in love with his overall experience. He is an old-school manager, and I think that is a great asset, especially at the A level.