He made his quip about how the Democrats are fiscally responsible and that's just bull. You can't take credit for something already in law.

Our main cost is people ? salaries and staff.

Every single bill that a legislator introduces is important to somebody. It might not be important to you or your neighbor or your mother, but it might be important to your doctor or your plumber or your sister.

They work with this stuff more regularly.

It's a false argument to say anybody is going to be disenfranchised. The only ones that are going to be disenfranchised are the ones trying to commit fraud. What are [Democrats] hiding from? What are they scared of?

Health care costs have skyrocketed. A lot of costs have been rising.

As we put together this year's budget, we'll probably be taking a closer look at that.

There is no intent to sneak a pay raise back in.

Everybody wants to resolve this issue.