At this stage all of the teams are capable of beating one another.

They tried to get us a motel. We went and looked at it. It was a flea hole. We came back here.

Things weren't going (the Knights') way and you have to capitalise on that which I think we did very, very well.

It was a hard-fought one-nil and you'll take that any day of the week away from home.

For him, now is the time to prove he's not a lame duck president. And if he can't get something passed pretty soon, I think Congress and most of the American public will conclude just that.

If he can make it here 24 hours earlier, I'm hopeful, but we shall see what happens.

With Jamie returning to training and Brian Deane here now everyone is excited about the start of the season and we can't wait for the kick off against Central Coast on Friday.

It seems to me that the public, and in particular many Democratic Party activists, are way ahead of the politicians on this question. Feingold's going where few politicians right now dare to go.

We hate leaving the people down here. We've made some friends.