"Steve Massey" is an English association football/football manager and former player who played as a striker, mainly for Stockport County F.C./Stockport County and A.F.C. Bournemouth. He was manager of Southern Football League/Southern League club Truro City F.C./Truro City until March 2014.

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It's really difficult to say (if we'll hit Stage 4), but the rainfall that will keep us from going to Stage 4 has not happened yet. The lake didn't go up very much from the rain we had last weekend.

In three months, the Lavon dropped 10 feet this time. But, if the drought continues, we could go down three feet in a few weeks.

We gave out $75,000 last year in rebates. We budgeted $10,000 more this year.

(People need to) stop irrigating their lawns. This time in the winter, you don't need to be watering the ground around your home but every couple of weeks.

Don't water all the grass. Just soak around the tree, foundation.

Our feeling is that I want to warn people before I do it [raise water rates]. It's just good customer service.

We could use that lake dry if we're not careful.

The way the water district has put it, if we do not see a significant improvement in the rainfall, we do expect to hit stage four.

We're anxious for them not to do that at [stages] 3 or 4. When we know Stage 3 is imminent. We want to schedule the civic workshop. Our citizens start to feel pain at Stage 3, when they can't wash their car and have to restrict water, and they have to have a venue to discuss it with city staff.