They're trying to elevate the conversation above what it is they do. They want to be thought of as something bigger than just goods and services.

Conducting ceremonies is wonderful, it really is, ... Especially when you get a couple that is just so happy to get married. It's great.

Honest people don't tell you they're honest. Cool people don't say that they're cool. We should all be wondering why these guys feel a burning need to tell us how good they are.

We had looked around and hadn't found any we liked.

As for Thomsen, we knew if we kept him in the teens, we'd beat them. He came close, but (Manuel) did a great job on him.

He's a real showman. You got one?

Until we saw the article, we had had to go back and forth to Lancaster. We were amazed that there was a community right there.

I saw him at Sun City and didn't really know what to expect. But when he came out with a six-piece band, played the clarinet in a Big Band style and told these wonderful stories of his life in show business, it all ends up as one great big deal.