We want them to sit down and talk to coach McDermott before we get to the point of anyone asking for a release. If push comes to shove - we're not ogres here.

I actually wrote it down when Jamie said that. I'm going to use it in my book someday ? if I ever write a book.

We knew making that commitment to take the band down to Houston via airfare would probably put us a shade over budget. That was a conscious decision we made because we were trying to build up our reputation.

Rules and guidelines. There is no organization that has more experience putting on national championships than the NCAA. Everybody will have the same type of treatment. It's a new tournament.

We thought it was really important that we commit ourselves to getting them down there appropriately.

We had enough concern that we wanted to know more. Chuck is the industry expert.

One of our goals was to really enhance our reputation as a good bowl team.

That's why national competition is good. When you have the NCAA soccer competition, the best teams all qualify and then you bracket it out. In football, it comes down to the polls. There's value in won-lost records, but there can be misleading information in that too, if you look at it and call it the end all.