Marcos getting hurt early on affected how we play our game. Luckily we had some guys step up big for us today.

Francine made some very good sets and Amy got hot for us in the third game. We were much more consistent and cut out the errors.

It's a nice win to begin the season with but I thought we would be sharper. Too many weaknesses were exposed today and poor decisions were made for the majority of the game.

Maybe it was early season jitters on behalf of some of these guys who are playing in their first real rugby match. Those butterflies should be gone after the first couple of hits.

We played really well. When you play well like that, you can make any team look bad.

Most of the time, if there was an error in (St. Joseph's) passing, we were chasing down those balls. I told the girls if we keep saving balls and chasing them down, we will beat them.

We need to be sharper on the field and play better as a team. Don't get me wrong. I'll take a 31-3 victory any day of the week, but we know we can do even better.

What is upsetting to me is that we went away from what we have been working on all off-season. We played very hard, but our passing got away from us early on.

Gigi had a great game out there for us. He's just a force on the field that is tough to bring down.