"Steve Lambert" is an American artist who works with issues of advertising and the use of public space. He is a founder of [http://antiadvertisingagency.com/ the Anti-Advertising Agency], an artist-run initiative which critiques advertising through artistic interventions, and of the [http://budgetgallery.org/sf/ Budget Gallery] (with Cynthia Burgess) which creates exhibitions by painting over outdoor advertisements and hanging submitted art in its place. Lambert's artistic practice includes drawing, performance art/performance, intervention, culture jamming, public art, video art/video, and internet art. He has worked with the Graffiti Research Lab, Glowlab, and as a senior fellow with Eyebeam Atelier/Eyebeam Open Lab.

Lambert is member of the New York based artist group Free Art and Technology Lab. He has won several awards including from Turbulence, the Creative Work Fund, Rhizome/The New Museum, Adbusters Media Foundation, and the California Arts Council.

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The idea of the institute is funny, but I also wanted whoever saw it to leave with the thoughts it brought up and the view that maybe the idea isn't that crazy.

It's critical these victims have somewhere to turn when they need life-saving help. We are proud to do our part in making sure these shelters are there when someone needs them.

She was an unrecognized, great figure of history. I wanted to make her more recognizable.

The key for us was the one-point loss to Woodward Academy. If we win that, we're playing in our own gym against a different opponent.

The Sunday graduation interfered with church activities. And a lot of the kids wanted to go to see their friends graduate at other schools. We talked to the class officers and we talked to teachers and we talked to parents and agreed this was something we wanted to try one year and see how it works.

Signs are a symbol of authority. They tell you when to go, what to do. No one really questions them. For an artist, it's totally interesting.

A donation to the Irving Schools Foundation is a great investment in the future. The recipients of these scholarships have high hopes for their future and it makes us feel good knowing their future will be brighter thanks to this donation.

It brought to mind the importance of planning, and the fact that time is of the essence. Baird Creek is an incredible gem. We're worried that people will love it to death.