With The Closer leading the charge this summer, TNT has firmly established itself as one cables top player in the original series arena.

Original programming is the riskiest thing you do in television, ... The failure rate is so high.

When we did 'Bull,' we did not have a brand. Our belief was we had to build the foundation.

Since the SAG Awards® honors both dramatic and comedic performances, TNT, television's first network for drama, and TBS, television's 'very funny' network, are ideal companions to present this exciting annual event, ... This simulcast allows us to utilize the brands of both networks to market the presentation in ways that speak to both drama fans and comedy lovers.

The math just doesn't work at this level, ... A lot of people believe these places are real valuable and you sell a lot of product, but the return is minuscule. Basically, Yankee Stadium does as much business as a medium-sized convenience store.

The reason we do all of this is it builds our brand.

It was a very targeted ad to men that tried to answer the age-old question Mary Ann or Ginger? -- with a funny spin.

We have not been able to leverage our foundation at TBS.