Losing Emily hurt because she creates shots for other people. I probably should have called a timeout to get her out of there.

To start with a road win is a good way to start a (league) season. We played tough defense and we made our free throws at the end.

Obviously the threes hurt us, but if we'd have shot better than 21 percent from the field and 40 percent from the line, we'd have been right there.

We got a little tight in the third quarter, but we loosened up and finished. The biggest thing is we were patient on offense.

That was a hurtful loss. We started with zero energy, very lethargic. But the girls fought back in the second half.

I thought we made some nice defensive adjustments on her. We worked around on the bottom side to take away her passing lanes and we double-teamed her with the wing.

We kept our composure in the fourth quarter. That made a big difference.

You have to get to the end-of-game situations to learn how to win, and at least we're getting there. When we learn how to manage those situations, we're going to turn this thing around.

We got to within 44-40 in the last minute, but then we missed a couple easy shots and had a couple turnovers.